Quantum Leap Season Five DVD is now available!
Own the final season of this critically acclaimed show! In the Quantum Leap DVD, join Sam Beckett as he finds himself stuck in the past - and future. After a time travel experiment went horribly wrong he finds himself in someone else's body and with partial amnesia. Al is his only contact from home is, a holographic image only he can hear and see. Sam leaps from life to life, trying to right some wrongs and each time he hopes that he can make one final leap home.

The Quantum Leap DVD will be available on November 14, 2006. Quantum Leap Season Five DVD. Pre Order the Quantum Leap DVD today from the Universal Online store.

Quantum Leap DVD stars are...

Scott Bakula ...Dr. Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell ...Admiral Al Calavicci
Deborah Pratt ...Ziggy

Quantum Leap DVD. Pre order the Quantum Leap Season Five DVD today from the Universal Online Store.